Pigment prints on wall, LED signage

Installation at the Palace of Justice, 30 x 13 ft

13th Havana Biennale - Matanzas - Ríos Intermitentes

Curated by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Salah Hassan, Selene Wendt, and Octavio Zaya

Cosmos examines world-making in developing societies by foregrounding their rich urban materiality and their diverse productive capacities. It focuses on practices of fabrication, especially the significance of machines that enable amplified prosthetic abilities even in relatively impoverished situations.

Tools shape streetscapes and architectures, and forge everyday objects that emerge and circulate locally, even as all this remains largely invisible to the outside. Their presence is vital to widespread, dispersed, and ongoing informal transformations.

Cosmos addresses imbricated processes of industrial and artisanal production, by bringing comparative materials and themes from South Asia in a conversation with the Cuban context. The project thus situates parallel developments from across the Global South. Above all, Cosmos emblematizes creativity that is dispersed throughout the fabric of these societies.