Metal, acrylic, LED

Asia Art Archive & Spring Workshop Residency Programme, Hong Kong, 2014.




Homo Ludens Logo series visualizes the uncertain branding and "logos" on the most fragile and inexpensive plastic objects of play from Karachi. These have been made in and circulate largely in the informal sector, emerging from tiny workshops, sold by itinerant peddlers, and consumed by children of the lowest economic ladder. Even though many of the objects have names of their makers or manufacturers emblazoned on them, these inscriptions do not function as internationally recognized brand names, trademarks, or copyrighted logos, which would render these objects or their makers formally visible. Their production, circulation, and consumption remains largely subaltern.

The title of this series is borrowed from the book Homo Ludens (1938) by Johan Huizinga, which stresses the centrality of play in the development of society and culture.